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Hitachi Big Data

  • Big data is one of the most important revolutions since the Internet and Hitachi gives you a holistic perspective with 3 pillars of innovation.
  • Information Infrastructure Innovation: We store, manage and process big data.
  • Analytics Innovation: We understand big data and how to put it to work.
  • Social Innovation: We build the machines that generate big data.

The Hitachi Holistic View on Big Data

Data is everywhere. It’s everywhere you can think of – smartphones, cars and of course the Internet. And it’s everywhere that you haven’t thought of – trains, wind turbines, farms and more.

Ultimately, the value in big data is in gaining insight from it – insight through analytics. Though analytics itself is not new, with big data we now have a much wider array of data sources that can drive this insight. New technologies like Hadoop, object stores and in-memory databases along with increased economies of scale let you process unprecedented volumes and varieties of data. Now you can get new levels of insight much faster than ever before.
New data, new technology challenges, and new opportunities – Welcome to the world of big data, welcome to our world.

  • Use our information infrastructure to capture, manage and analyze big data.
  • Capitalize on the experience we’ve gained building the machines and social infrastructure that generate much of big data: Power plants, trains, medical equipment – we build them all.
  • Take advantage of the deep industry expertise we bring managing and processing vast amounts of disparate data.
  • Profit from our vertical expertise to capitalize on big data.
  • Apply our holistic perspective on big data, which we use to drive analytics innovation across all the Hitachi businesses.

Information Infrastructure Innovation

Every company struggles with data growth, complexity, rising costs and the need to do more with fewer resources and budget. Though the end goal with big data is to gain insight, it all starts with an effective way of capturing, storing, managing and controlling the underlying data. It’s fair to say that the right infrastructure can make or break your big data projects.
Our primary strategy is to offer one platform for all data, and our reputation is for performance, scalability and reliability. Rest assured that we deliver the right foundation for big data whether it is on your premises or in the cloud. Our infrastructure solutions not only help you manage data growth and keep cost and complexity down, but they help you unlock hidden value and insight too.

The Innovation of Analytics

Big data is transforming how business does analytics. Insight is no longer confined to the database, and the applications and data sources stretch way beyond the traditional data center. New technologies, techniques and skill sets are needed and the stakes could not be higher for IT.
At Hitachi, we have a long history of analytics innovation in our research labs. From predictive analytics and pattern detection, to smart ingest of stream data, to rich media analytics, to end-to-end solutions that even help society improve.
Our data scientists work with our partners and customers to solve analytics problems today and develop the innovations needed for the big data of tomorrow.

  • We have more than 200 data scientists and big data researchers in our global big data labs in Japan, the Americas and Europe.
  • Our big data services from HDS and Hitachi Consulting can help you jumpstart your big data journey and turn big data promise into big data ROI.
  • We have a rich ecosystem of partner systems integrators and analytics technology providers.

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