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Hitachi Solutions for Microsoft Exchange

  • Email has become increasingly mission critical.
  • Exchange environments must be predictable, scalable and flexible.
  • Hitachi solutions are highly effective at optimizing Exchange environments.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 introduces new storage-related enhancements. They include a better mailbox resiliency design, a new architecture that removes storage groups and an improved Exchange Extensible Storage Engine. These changes increase options for addressing business needs. They also significantly change deployment, maintenance and upgrade processes.

It can stretch the limits of existing IT infrastructures, especially storage environments, to meet requirements for more dynamic environments, spiking workloads, mobile device users and larger mailboxes. You may need to update storage capabilities in light of evolving business requirements. You’ll also need to consider the impact of new requirements on short and long-term CAPEX and OPEX.

We offer 2 storage platforms for Exchange environments: Hitachi Adaptable Modular Storage 2000 family and Hitachi Converged Platform for Microsoft® Exchange 2010.

  • Dynamic load balancing controllers automatically balance I/O workloads across resources to eliminate bottlenecks. Rebalancing is transparent to hosts and requires no intervention from the Exchange or storage administrator.
  • Dynamic Provisioning offers optimized physical disk space and easy pool volume expansion capabilities so you can nondisruptively add capacity at your own pace.
  • AMS 2000 systems running with Exchange Server 2010 offer greater operational efficiencies by separating storage management from application management.

Features and Benefits

  • Comprehensive portfolio
  • Hardware, software, services
  • Hitachi and 3rd-party offerings
  • Proven reliability and performance
  • Extensive testing results
  • Best practices and reference architectures

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