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Hitachi Solutions for VMware

  • Gain the performance, availability, reliability and manageability you need for today’s critical applications, and a scalable foundation for tomorrow’s information center.
  • Use native VMware integration to achieve new levels of scale, reliability, cross domain visibility, data protection, utilization and efficiency while providing investment protection.
  • Accelerate VMware deployments, virtualize critical applications faster and with confidence, and improve business agility.

Engineered for VMware

Hitachi Data Systems and VMware have been strategic partners since 2002. Today, Hitachi is an Elite Partner in VMware’s Technology Alliance Partner program, a participant in VMware Ready Partner programs for Storage Infrastructure Services, and an embedded OEM partner. Together, Hitachi and VMware are committed to providing innovative, business-enabling, end-to-end virtualization solutions for the data center.

With 99.999% uptime and no single point of failure, Hitachi solutions are the very definition of reliability. Through our platforms, products and native VMware integrations, Hitachi provides a complete solution for today’s rapidly expanding VMware environments.

  • Dynamic load balancing controllers automatically balance I/O workloads across resources to eliminate bottlenecks. Rebalancing is transparent to hosts and requires no intervention from the Exchange or storage administrator.
  • Dynamic Provisioning offers optimized physical disk space and easy pool volume expansion capabilities so you can nondisruptively add capacity at your own pace.
  • AMS 2000 systems running with Exchange Server 2010 offer greater operational efficiencies by separating storage management from application management.

Features and Benefits

  • Enterprise-class infrastructure delivers highest performance, scale, resiliency and data protection.
  • Use of Hitachi Dynamic Tiering, Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning, and Virtual Infrastructure Integrator in a VMware environment increases storage service quality.
  • Primary storage de-duplication drives capacity efficiencies.
  • VAAI and Virtual Infrastructure Integrator offload VM processes to the storage to improve performance, VM density and backup/restore operations.
  • Virtual Infrastructure Integrator enables faster and space efficient clones.