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Hitachi E-discovery

  • Solutions that are suited to e-discovery service providers
  • Industry-leading performance for storing, retrieving and maintaining large collections of small files

Reduce Cost, Increase Control of E-discovery Data

Our e-discovery storage solutions are fast, support multiple terabytes of storage, and are scalable and flexible

  • Handle unpredictable caseloads and data production demands at one time
  • Use rapid provisioning for new products with simplified administration and consolidation and a lower total cost of ownership
  • Support the latest virtualization advances to reduce overhead and scale up quickly
  • Take advantage of industry-leading performance to store, retrieve and maintain large collections of small files
  • Remove the file-processing bottlenecks that can challenge even the most successful e-discovery environments

Features and Benefits

  • Save clients money and let them be more responsive to litigation by providing early case assessments (ECA) and being involved in the e-discovery process early
  • Deliver the speed, performance and flexibility required for e-discovery applications
  • Scale up or down as needed, depending upon volume and caseloads, based on the needs of clients

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