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Hitachi Internet Services

  • Lightning fast storage systems are proven in the real world to accelerate vital nonstop customer service that is required during spikes in demand
  • Our in-house expertise in Internet applications and web analytics, and our professional service and support teams help improve storage infrastructures for growing Internet businesses
  • Internet service firms enjoy higher service reliability, smoother growth, improved service performance and lower costs

Handle Billions of Files and Hundreds of Terabytes

Build out your Internet service environment with solutions that support your creative content and rapidly changing customer demands.

  • Increase the number of simultaneous user accesses and connections
  • Improve total throughput to better handle bandwidth-intensive applications and rapid growth in services
  • Increase flexibility to meet unpredictable spikes in demand and reduce service outages
  • Seamlessly scale capacity to hundreds of terabytes and billions of files
  • Consolidate infrastructure and reduce floor space requirements
  • Simplify storage management and reduce provisioning times